I’m going to be a disappointment and bow out of a long post this week- and as much as I am sure you’re all queuing up to read about the life that is pinningmywords, the last couple of days have seen me drown under a pile of text books and I don’t know how I will ever resurface.

But! There is light, with my final written exam set to take place at the Sorbonne next Thursday and my oral the following Monday. From there, I will race home and pack my Monoprix bathing suit into my suitcase along with my new summer satchel purchased at Pompom Bazaar- a heavenly store in the 10th- during a much needed break from the books, before whizzing to the airport for 26 hours in one seat (glued to Season 2 of The Crown) as I make my way home to Australia for Christmas.

Next week will see a much more informative post featuring champagne, snowflakes and snippets of things I’ve found along the way- almost 1 year since I started writing this blog!

Thank you all so much for reading and I’ll see you next Sunday, and many of you in person in the weeks that will follow.

Much love from Paris,

Pin X

Pictured: the beautiful Relais Christine just two doors from home.

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  1. Pin, good luck for your exams – you deserve to do well. Travel safely to Peterborough where we will be excited to hear your french accent and wonderful stories in person. Thank you for “pinningmywords”.

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