What a shame.

What a shame.

Twinkle Toes said last week, ‘you’re not wearing lipstick,’ as I left the house ready for lunch with friends.

‘No, I’m not,’ I responded.

‘I know words for lipstick, kettle, machine for washing, and cupboard,’ he proudly added, followed by, ‘I also know, what a shame’.

I held a chair, weeping with laughter, ‘did you just say, what a shame?’.

‘Oui Madame, en French, c’est dommage is, what a shame!’.

I continued to hold the chair, smiling, ‘your English is becoming so good’.

‘I know all the words now,’ he proudly announced, before taking me through a little role play.

‘Madame, do you have a computer with a DVD player?’ to which I replied, ‘no, I dont’.

‘Hmmm, whatashame’ he responded.  I fell about laughing, and he did too.

Now, every time he comes to my flat he finds an opportunity to say ‘whatashame’ as one word, at any given opportunity.

‘Are you in Alaska for Christmas?’ he bulged yesterday.

‘No, I’m here in Tangier, not Alaska. Why would I go to Alaska?’ I asked.

‘Your country,’ he said, pointing at my map of Australia.  ‘Nope, not Alaska, Australia,’ I corrected him.  ‘Oh yes, sorry.  Whatashame,’ he finished, loathing to be wrong.

‘You don’t want there?’ He questioned.

‘Of course I want there,’ I finished.  ‘I miss there a lot. But, I also love here’.

As he left yesterday he remarked that my hair was so tall ‘and better that way’.  I guess he means long, and frankly, I like it that way too.

Thank you everyone for supporting pinningmywords.com throughout 2018.  I had no idea that when I returned  to Australia for Christmas at the end of last year, I would be living in North Africa a year later.  Nothing prepares you for tall hair and changed circumstances, but the one thing in life, is that when it’s good, it’s really good.

Whatashame we cant all be having Christmas together.  But, if I have one ask, it would be for you to keep reading in the knowledge that I love knowing that you’re on the other end of the line.

It means a lot.  A tall hair lot.

Lots of love and good health, keep safe over Christmas, and I look forward to your presence over the next year.

And on a final note, this piece is for my beloved Dad, who in Islam has seven souls, and in my couture, nine lives.  My kitten recently took a leaf out of his book, and the main thing is, he’s here for another Christmas.  Thank you Dad, your arms around new born baby Archie, your precious grandson and my precious nephew, who arrived just in time for Father Christmas, are greatly apprecieated.  You have defied all odds and for that, I think you are truly wonderful.  Tall hair wonderful.  My family is everything to me.

Happy Christmas all, and here’s to a fabulous  year ahead.

With loads of love from Tangier,

Pin xoxox