It’s been a whole month since I arrived home- where did those weeks go and why does time have to fly by so rapidly? Thank god I don’t wear a toupee – it’d be long gone…

So with my hair blowing back and my ears pinned sideways, I’ve decided to spend the rest of 2017 in Paris- flights are booked, flat is lined up, visa is in the pipeline and if all goes to plan, I’ll be on an Emirates flight bound for Charles de Gaulle on June 13th. In the meantime I’ve continued to drive my French teacher mad each Wednesday night, my tutor madder on Thursday afternoons and for the next five weeks I’m spending each Thursday night at the CAE learning to write a novel. This is something I’ve always wanted to do, and it’s further enhanced my status as a mid thirties cliché. The course is incredibly interesting and I’m finding myself developing characters I had no idea I even knew as part of this weeks homework (1,000 words as a kickstart for the book), and it’s all becoming quite seriously addictive.

In May I will embark on four weeks of full time study which will see me graduate with the CELTA certificate- a piece of paper which will enable me to tutor people in English as a second language. 

The feedback I’ve received since starting this blog has been just overwhelming and I can’t thank you all enough for your support. Life has been nothing short of a whirlwind since I left Goa and arrived home, and as I focus on my writing course and my French language studies there is little time for daily blogs, but I will keep a weekly presence alive and once I’m back in France there is a promise of more frequent updates. Something that I am looking forward to immensely is my Dad joining me in Paris at the beginning of July for two weeks. A teaser- we are going on bike tour to Versailles when he arrives which I have no doubt will provide great fodder for a post which will be written post ride, gin and tonic in hand in the city that has become something of a second home as I wade through this exciting phase of my life.

In the meantime, please send me any thoughts, ideas or inspirations that might spring to mind- I love hearing from you and am so grateful for your support. 

Pictured: my home office (read- kitchen table), flooded with afternoon sunlight.

2 thoughts on “Home.

  1. As they say, bonne chance. I hope that you thoroughly enjoy your move and that it offers you a welcome change. Enjoy what will be an outstanding and wonderful 6 months -and hopefully beyond. Your blog has been excellent and I look forward to reading your extended musings. Loads of love xx

  2. Pin Affleck my dear old friend! I have just discovered your blogs after hearing many rave reviews.. have just read this latest and the one prior as I stir the spag bowl for kids dinner and just wanted to say that I am hopelessly hooked already, hanging out to slip into bed with the iPad tonight and devour the rest of them! You are a brilliant writer and I am eagerly awaiting the novel and the tales of Bim on bike in Versailles! Will it include Lycra I wonder!? 🙈 Well done you and keep it the writing.. you have truly found your thing and the fact it gives so much pleasure to do many others is just an added bonus! Heaps of love Pin Pot! Xxx 😘😘

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