Au revoir.

I’m writing this from the Business Lounge in Dubai (thank you Emirates for looking after me- this is a treat) after flying from Paris today (in economy as always, don’t get any ideas)- there is Moët on the table and a bowl full of nuts and a whole lot of thoughts rushing through my head.

For the first time in my life, I didn’t sob uncontrollably on the way to the airport (I have a thing with airports and leaving and loving places and overthinking everything and I think this is one of the reasons that Love Actually is actually my favourite film ever).  I managed to board the flight (almost) perfectly intact (and, with the added bonus of a whole packet of tissues that will be useful in future should I ever get a runny nose).

This morning in the mad rush that was packing up the apartment, I managed to throw the keys out with the rubbish which meant climbing into a City of Paris rubbish bin in a crisp white shirt with newly washed hair all ready for my flight. This was followed by a towel in the dryer that wouldn’t dry in its allocated timeframe (not to the poor towels knowledge) which hence meddled with the perfect pattern that was the morning list – all book ended with a non negotiable 11.15 am taxi to Charles de Gaulle.  
Thankfully when I was checking in at the airport the girl asked if I had an Indian visa (‘do I ever’ I thought but instead nattered in French whilst trying to find the thing), which was actually packed in my checked luggage – highly unhelpful when it would have been required in four hours upon landing in Delhi ‘in my hand luggage’.

I’m painting a pretty hopeless picture.  
The last five weeks have been nothing short of magnificent and the one thing I want to highlight in this post is how much I love settling into a new place, a new routine, a new language and a whole lot of new things to think about. I’m going to be short and sweet, because the man at the desk did say that Madame must not forget to board her flight (he saw my eyes light up at the very mention of champagne), but for now its au revoir to my beloved Paris (tricked you, I’ll be back before you know it), and a much anticipated and long awaited hello to New Delhi.  

After twelve years, I’m just four hours way from another of my favourite cities in the world. I can’t wait for the head wobbles and complete, unadulterated, unplanned and highly amusing confusion that comes with all that is beautiful India.

Watch this space.

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