The beginning.

Starting this blog is probably the most frustrating thing that has happened to me for quite some time (I’m being generous here, setting up a blog is worse than year nine science- unless you’re good at science, in which case, you’d love it).

After working in an office for over a third of my life, the satisfaction I felt handing in my note of resignation over a month go was immense. I loved my job and I have always enjoyed working, but with office life comes an inability to be free- days become months and months become years, and suddenly life becomes a bad case of memory loss.

With a concentration span of about four seconds, my life has been consistently plagued with an ongoing desire to peek out the window (at any given moment) and fling myself out into the sunshine, or even better, the pouring rain. Days after handing in my resignation, I sold my car and raced home with my millions made from my 2012 Volkswagen Golf, to make an important phone call to Qantas. I had a burning desire to return to India.

Curious by nature, I’ve always enjoyed exploring, whether it be up a tree or in a big city, in a mosque in a far flung country or even up a mountain in the Himalaya. I suppose I started with trees, did some minor bits in mountains, have trekked around some cities and am now working my way through a new language- but the most exciting part is the words I can use to describe it all.

I’m writing this first post from the loft in Paris which I’ve called home for the past month, and did for the month of January 2016 as well. My French is the opposite of flawless, but my brain is better for it.

Please send me your feedback, I would love to hear from you.

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